“The world’s best pizza”

We are open every day until 11pm. In accordance with the Government regulations.

Because the health and safety of our guests and employees are very important, we would like to draw your attention to the following.

If you or someone in your group suffers from a fever, cough and / or sore throat or other cold or flu complaints, cancel your reservation.

Rule of 6: Following the introduction of the Rule of 6, following COVID-19 secure guidelines, we can host six people maximum at the same table.

If the party consists of more than 6 people, we can offer you different tables.


by Elizabeth Gilbert

"He gave me the name of a Pizzeria in Naples ("Da Michele") that I had to try, because he informed me, it sold the best pizza in Naples. I found this a wildly exciting prospect, given that the best pizza in Italy is from Naples and the best pizza in the world is from Italy, which means that pizzeria must offer... I'm almost too superstitious to say it... the best pizza in the world?"

"Please go to this pizzeria order the margherita pizza with double mozzarella. If you do not eat this pizza when you are in Naples, please lie to me later and tell me that you did."

"At the pizzeria "Da Michele", the pies we have just ordered, one for each of us, are making us lose our mind. I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with the pizza, almost an affair."