“The world’s best pizza” is in Central London. The famed “L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele” from Naples, is open at 199 Baker Street NW1 6UY, close to the tube station, tourist ‘hotspots’ such as Madame Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes’ museum, and the many other amenities of the area. The Place: Once inside, the basement downstairs is large and spacious, with three rooms with a different style each, merging traditional furniture with a modern touch of elegance, and the bar. The ground floor upstairs holds the 2,300kg pizza oven in the open kitchen, at 500°C, and the history of Da Michele. Every wall is decorated as a painting to watch with attention! There are stories, tales, poems, paintings… just like a guided tour in the story of Michele and the Neapolitan Pizza. The place hosts 120 seats, which together with a quick, mindful and courteous service will allow our customers to taste our pizza without long queues.

Pizzas: ‘The story’:

  • Marinara (tomato ,oregano, garlic) – pizza made according to a Neapolitan recipe honed over many decades.
  • Margherita (tomato, Agerola fior di latte cheese, basil).

‘The tradition’ (pizza and fried stuffed pizza of Neapolitan tradition with high quality ingredients):

  • Napoletana (tomato, Agerola fior di latte cheese, anchovies from cetara, basil, oregano and capers).
  • O’ Calzone (pizza stuffed with cicoli and salami Nero Casertano, ricotta cheese, Agerola provola cheese and Parmesan cheese.
  • Fried pizza (with cicoli and salami Nero Casertano, Agerola provola cheese, ricotta cheese and Parmesan cheese.
  • Special (Changing every week)

The Menu: We are proud to say that our pizza will be the best pizza in London. Our Pizzas are prepared with care and expertise by master Neapolitan Pizzaioli; the menu includes not only the “Marinara” and the “Margherita”, but also a range of other tasty traditional dishes and pizzas to choose from: Starters:

  • Don Luigi (Fried nodini with Campania tomato sauce and buffalo stracciatella)
  • Don Antonio (Fried nodini with Campania buffalo mozzarella D.O.P.)
  • Donna Anna (Small fried stuffed pizza, dressed meat tasting Nero Casertano, Campania D.O.P. buffalo mozzarella tasting).
  • Donna Carmela (Traditional vegetables with fried nodini).
  • Don Salvatore (platters of dressed meat Nero Casertano, caciocavallo podolico cheese and provolone del Monaco cheese with fried nodini).
  • Don Michele (mozzarella Aversana 500g, small fried stuffed pizza, mix of dressed meat Nero Casertano and traditional side dishes. (Recommended for 2 people)

All our ingredients are the freshest, high-quality products sourced in Campania from selected suppliers that entertain a long-dated relationship with Da Michele, subject to careful quality checks and imported to the UK, expressly for our Pizzeria. Our pizzas quickly cook in the oven, and still bear its char marks and burnt bubbles in the dough once served. They are thin as the Original Pizza of Da Michele in Naples, with a slightly crunchy base, tasty tomato sauce and an overall rich flavour that people could, until now, only taste in Naples – and, as opposed to typical pizzas that someone can have in London, quite light so that many of our visitors will love to enjoy two delicious pizzas! Even the marinara option, without cheese, has a strong and distinctive taste.